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Imagine, for a moment, that we live in a world in which the idea of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle simply does not exist. Everyone just knows that puzzles are two-dimensional. No one has any sense of having ever seen, heard of, or touched a three-dimensional puzzle. There are no examples of what a three-dimensional puzzle might be like, no images of the finished product, no instructions on how to put such a thing together. Even if someone somewhere somehow at some point had entertained the possibility of a three-dimensional puzzle, the idea would have seemed fantastically silly, if not completely preposterous. (Besides, if a puzzle were “three-dimensional,” it technically shouldn’t be called a puzzle, right? It would simply have to be called something else. ) In this world, the only real puzzles are two-dimensional. So even if we did find ourselves working on a three-dimensional puzzle at some point, we would never realize it. We would very likely treat it as a rather poorly designed, two-dimensional puzzle. There might be pieces with odd curves or angles, but we would think that they had been bent or distorted somehow. We’d flatten these pieces into the correct shapes. There might be extra pieces that don’t seem to be part of the overall puzzle, and we’d assume these probably got into the mix by mistake. We would set these pieces aside. We’d attempt to fit the rest together as best we could, yet we would have the vague suspicion that something was not quite right because there would still be strange gaps, edges that fit more than one side but not all of the sides at the same time, an image that doesn’t give us a clear picture, and a whole that doesn’t help us make better sense of the pieces...
wood puzzlehttps://pixabay.com/photos/wooden-puzzle-pile-woods-2598614/
puzzle pieceshttps://pixabay.com/vectors/jigsaw-puzzle-pieces-abstract-art-2099124/
jigsaw outlinehttps://pixabay.com/vectors/jigsaw-puzzle-game-shape-puzzle-152865/
puzzle man profilehttps://pixabay.com/vectors/cranium-head-human-male-man-2099127/